• Model ROI

    Win by being holistic

  • EX

    Employee Experience

    Loyal employees create an average 2.7
    times higher bottom line

    Win by being holistic

  • CX

    Customer Experience

    Excellent customer experiences make
    customers up to 14 times more valuable

    Win by being holistic

  • SX

    Society Experience

    The surrounding community has a major
    influence on the company's results

    Win by being holistic

  • ROI

    Holistic Results

    Together we create excellent employee-, customer-,
    community-, and company results

    Win by being holistic

Holistic Experience Management

EX blue NY

Employee Experience
We help with the internal spread of loyalty virus through analysis, leadership-, staff-, culture-, strategy- and loyalty development as well as learning and innovation

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CX blue NY

Customer Experience
In relation to the company's customers we help spreading loyalty virus through analytics, strategy-, customer-, relationship-, marketing-, sales- and loyalty development as well as learning and innovation

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SX blue NY

Society Experience
We contribute to optimal spread of loyalty virus to the surrounding community through innovation, analysis, acquisition, strategy-, product-, image- and loyalty building as well as learning and innovation

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ROI blue NY

Holistic Results
Together with our customers, we create excellent employee-, customer-, community- and business results as well as continuous learning and innovation.

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Holistic ExperienceTM - Philosophy

Holistic Experience is based on a Holistic Experience Management strategy. A strategy based on the belief, that a holistic focus on employees, customers and the surrounding community ensures the company's continued success.

Culture and leadership must support the strategy, just as the underlying systems and systematics should do.

Through insight and gathering of knowledge, as well as commitment and involvement of both customers and employees, genuine dialogue and coherence are created both internally and externally. Combined with ongoing innovation, it ensures the future perspective, so the company remains relevant and interesting for employees, customers and the market.

Through collaboration with Winholistic ApS, the company is able to achieve excellent mastery of the various disciplines. Something that brings happy and loyal employees. Their professional efforts, creates happy and loyal customers and on this foundation, a good image in the surrounding community is won. This ensures increased earnings and opportunity for business development, attracting even more happy and loyal customers - and undoubtedly also the very right employees.

There is a world between MAKING something and LIVING it internally AND externally. It's LIVING it both places that creates results!

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HE Model UK


Holistic toolbox
One size doesn’t fit everybody

To the right are examples of specific things we can offer in relation to creating business development and increased profits.

We do not offer pre-designed templates, only tailored solutions that produce individual holistic results.

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What do you do when everything goes great and you just want to move on?
Of course, you ask Winholistic to help you go from being Fantastic to Excellent.

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